Do It Yourself House Renovation Task: Easy Game room Desk and Storage space

If your house is anything like mine, you are endlessly searching for more storage for toys, craft materials, games, and books.

I found and simple and inexpensive way to develop more storage along with a big desk surface area for my kids to appreciate. I am not the handiest individual around so this no-tools task was simply my speed!


2 large kitchen area cabinets
One long piece of plywood - the width of the board should be a couple of inches more than the depth of your cabinets and the length must be the width of the two cabinets integrated plus enough space for two chairs or barstools in the middle (maybe a half and another backyard).


I started by visiting our local Habitat for Humanity Restore, where I was fortunate adequate to discover two matching high-end maple cooking area cabinets that had minor flaws. These were new cabinets of outstanding quality for a fraction of the cost discovered at a home improvement shop. Although they are taller than a routine desk, I decided to use them with barstools, considering that barstools are so much more "fun" in my kids' eyes than regular old chairs anyway!

After discovering the cabinets, I went to the regional house improvement shop and had them cut a great sheet of wood to my specs. I desired an area between the 2 cabinets for the barstools so I had them cut the wood the depth of my cabinets (plus a couple of inches overhang).

At home, we put some felt pads on the bottom of the cabinets to secure the wood floorings and spaced them out along a large wall with enough room in between them for 2 barstools to be pressed in. Essentially, the set-up is: cabinet - empty area - cabinet.

We located 2 maple barstools for $35 each at a local furniture outlet store which was it!

I had actually initially thought of painting, staining, or sealing the desktop to secure it, but then I reconsidered. Why not simply let the kids paint and draw freely and not worry about the $40 desktop? The paint splashes and doodling add a fun, imaginative touch to the space and we can always buy a brand-new piece of wood to change it if it gets too untidy.

We hung a shelf (just a piece of wood and some brackets screwed into the studs) above the desk that is the length of the entire unit and holds a minimum of a hundred books!

So there you have it. If you do the bonus) easy desk/storage system for your playroom or even for a home office or garage, a no-tools (or maybe simply a screwdriver and a level. additional resources Kitchen area cabinets supply a lot of storage, consisting of drawers for smaller sized items, and the substantial desk surface area is actually beneficial for art tasks, play-doh sessions, and homework!

Keep in mind to check for seconds and clearance items to keep this project economical! The Habitat for Humanity stores and similar stores are a fantastic place to start your search for decently-priced cabinets and barstools can be found on sale at many furniture outlets.

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